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Durysta is an implant used to treat open-angle glaucoma, an eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated. At Eyesight Ophthalmic Services, we offer Durysta as a minimally invasive surgical option for those with glaucoma.

What is Durysta?

Durysta is a type of medication that is used to treat glaucoma. It is a small implant that can be placed in your eye by your eye doctor at Eyesight Ophthalmic Services. 

This advanced device slowly releases medication over time to help lower your eye pressure, which can help prevent further damage to the eye and preserve your vision. Durysta is minimally invasive, meaning it causes much less damage to the surrounding structures of the eye compared to traditional glaucoma surgery.

This can be helpful for people who have trouble remembering to use eye drops or who may not be able to use them due to other health issues. It is important to follow your eye doctor’s instructions carefully and to attend regular follow-up appointments to monitor your eye health.

How Does Durysta Work?

Durysta works by releasing a medication called bimatoprost, which is a type of prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are natural substances found in the body that help regulate various functions, including the flow of fluid in the eye. 

By releasing bimatoprost directly into the eye, Durysta can help reduce the pressure inside the eye, which is important to help control glaucoma and preserve your vision. Once it is in place, it slowly releases bimatoprost over time. 

This helps to reduce the amount of fluid in the eye, which lowers the pressure and can prevent further damage to the optic nerve. Unlike eye drops, which need to be used daily, Durysta only needs to be implanted once every few months. 

Durysta is a new treatment option for people with glaucoma who may have trouble using eye drops or who may not respond well to other types of medication. Since Durysta releases the medication automatically, this is an excellent option for those who have trouble being consistent with their eye drop regimen.

Once in place, your eye doctor will monitor your eye pressure and vision regularly to ensure that Durysta is working properly and to make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

How Do I Know if Durysta is Right for Me?

If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma and are considering treatment options, it is important to speak with your eye doctor at Eyesight Ophthalmic Services to determine if Durysta is right for you.

Your eye doctor will consider several factors when determining if Durysta is a good option for you. 

These may include your age, medical history, and the severity of your glaucoma. They may also consider any other medications you are currently taking. 

If you and your eye doctor decide that Durysta is a good treatment option for you, they will explain the procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have. The procedure to implant Durysta is quick, easy, and generally considered safe.

It is important to follow your eye doctor’s instructions carefully before and after the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. 

What Happens During the Durysta Procedure?

The procedure to implant Durysta typically takes around ten to fifteen minutes and is performed in our surgery center. Your glaucoma surgeon will insert the Durysta implant using a special applicator.

After the implant is in place, the procedure will be complete. You may experience some mild discomfort after the procedure, but this usually subsides within a few days. 

It is important to follow any post-operative instructions provided by your eye doctor to ensure proper healing and maximize the benefits of the Durysta implant.

Do you want to learn more about Durysta or determine if it may be an option for you? Schedule an appointment at Eyesight Ophthalmic Services in Portsmouth, NH, today!

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